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Nizar Sabkhi
  Sizing is accurate, and i was able to buy a larger size than neccessary so I don't have to worry about throwing them in the dryer. Material is not too thick or thin. Carolina blue is less bright than on a computer screen, which is what I wanted. Also got black heather. I'd stay away from the light gray; they will stain easily and be almost tranparent.

Gabriele Petraityte
  I'm not an audiophile, but worked great as a second mic for Memorex SingStand 2 (actually better sound than the one that came with it). Even made it through a 2-year-old mouthing it as he sang.

Salinas Reyna
  Great, thank you!

Andreea Durac
  Perfect shoes, but would recommend trying on in store first, they do run narrow on my feet.

Jessie Romero
  I've purchased 3 of these shadow boxes for my Lewis and Unitas jerseys. I've had them hanging in my game room that gets full sun for 3 months now and there is no fading. Well made, easy to use and perfect size. They're now a focal point for everyone who comes in our home.

also be bad luck. If Detroit's Adrian Dantley and Vinnie Jo
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